Friday, November 5, 2010

I'll drink to that

Friday was designated "Meet Bishop Garth and then go have some fun" day. I am not sure the ancient pilgrims included such a day in their journey to sacred sites, but it was how our day transpired. Bishop Garth Counsell is the Bishop of Table Bay, and the local bishop in the Cape Town region. Having been invited by our own Bishop Councell to spend some time with us, Bishop Garth met with the group and spoke of the history and mission of the church in South Africa, and in particular, the church in Cape Town. We heard of the struggles the church faced during apartheid, and the very different kind of struggles the church faced when apartheid was dismantled. What was the role of the church in the 'new' South Africa? This remains a live question for many. To this, Bishop Garth spoke of the ongoing mission and outreach work in the Diocese and the place the church holds in the debates and conversations around Hiv/Aids, poverty and racism.

It was after our gathering with Bishop Garth that the group dispersed to varied activities in the area. Some rested, others shopped, and still others ventured to some impressive wineries in the region. This blogger enjoyed time and wine at High Constantia. No doubt other pilgrims experienced the delight of new wine in new wineskins in glass stemware, and into one's mouth.

Tomorrow we journey forth to Jo-burg.

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  1. I'm all for going to the wineries. Cheers!

    Those who shop ... just remember that there needs to be space in your bag to take your purchases home. Not so with the wine if you drink it on location.