Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why? by Dcn Emily Holman

Why are we so cruel to each other?
From earliest Biblical times we have
    pointed our fingers at each other;
We have called each other names,
    separated, segregated, maimed, and
Why are we so afraid of each other?
We all seek safe homes, adequate food,
    education for our children, health,
Why are we so insecure in ourselves
    that we deny others?
It hurts, O Lord, it hurts. It hurts to
    see others' hurt; it hurts to recognize
    our own human capacity to inflict hurt.
When will it end, Lord? When will our
    pointing finger become a welcoming hand?
Heal us, Lord. Bring us together in love
    and respect.
    Bring us together in the broken body
    of your Son, and make us one.
Deacon Emily Holman

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