Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beginning with prayer, ending in (face) paint

It is sometimes said that the best way to overcome jetlag is to not give jetlag a chance to find you. This was the guiding principle for the pilgrim's first full day in Cape Town. Our journey began with prayers on the bus as we made our way up to Table Mountain. What did we see? Well, each other for the most part. The photos from our morning trek reveal the ever-present cloud (Transfiguration, perhaps?) that enveloped our bodies, but not our determination to enjoy the vista. The cable car ably transported us even though we could not see 5 feet from the rotating platform.

The drive from the Mountain to the fishing village of Hout Bay included a brief view of a pod of Southern Right Whales. While at Hout Bay, the group enjoyed a boat trip to view the local seal population. Impressive as this was, our next stop at the Cape Point Nature Reserve introduced the pilgrims to - among other things - the views of Cape Point and its lighthouse, a humorous encounter with a baboon, a photo-taking bishop, and a single blessed mouse(ask about this later!).

To avoid any possibility of jetlag, our journey took us swiftly to Boulders Beach on False Bay. The attraction? Penguins! So many penguins. Time with these precious and curious animals was brief, but memorable.

Dinner was in Cape Town at the Africa Cafe. Our palates were introduced to foods from the southern African countries, as well as a drop (or two) of wine from more local regions around Cape Town. It was thought that the food would make the evening, but one thing led to another and before long, half the pilgrims were prepared with traditional tribal face paint for whatever was to follow. Fortunately, it was the hotel that greeted us next. 

Tomorrow we venture to Robben Island (weather permitting - it is a bit windy and wet). The island was home for the most threatening of political prisoners during Apartheid, including Nelson Mandela. The afternoon will be spent exploring downtown Cape Town and/or the Waterfront. 


  1. Hi, you all! Since you left the Cathedral Paparazzi behind, someone else has to step up and take the photos. Howard? Are you game?

  2. Face painting ... Rene, I'm surprised you didn't get Yankee pinstripes! Maybe next time.