Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christians and Lions

Our afternoon game drive was a bonanza for the group. Some of the usual suspects - zebra, rhino, elephant and antelope - were on show in the early stages of dusk. To our delight (and with the patience of our driver and guide, Peter), we were also introduced to a pride of lions. By the time the lions wandered close enough, we were relying on a large torch (flashlight) to illume the feline wonders.  It was worth to wait to witness a lovely Aftrican sunset and the sight of such great animals within eye-shot of our truck.
 Though this blogger does not have photo evidence, our jounrey back to the lodge included a hippo, some hyena, and even a scrub hare or three. It was a rewarding evening to say the least.
This brings our final full day in Africa to a close. Tomorrow we travel back to Jo-burg to await our evening flight home.
Thanks for all your prayers and comments. Keep an eye on this blog in the days and weeks to come as fellow pilgrims begin to post additional photos, reflections and suggestions.


  1. I hope no one tried to pet the kitty! I am so in awe of your experience of being that close to the pride of lions. Meanwhile I will settle in with my pride of house cats!

    Blessings to all for a safe journey home!

  2. PS - Christians vs. Lions -- What was the score? Were any of them wearing Red Sox?