Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We who are weary from the changes of this day . . .

All journey's begin somewhere.
All journey's take a route to a destination.
All journey's include surprises.
One day in: beginning, destination and surprises have defined our trip.

The pilgrims are safe and sound in Cape Town after quite a journey. The attached photo shows our first taste of non-airplane, non-airport African air. And it was good. On Tuesday our travels take us from the heights of Tabletop Mountain to the very bottom of the African continent. Keep us in your prayers as we prayerfully open our lives to the adventure to come.


  1. Looking forward to your updates as you can post them. You're in our thoughts and prayers as we follow you online! Cynthia McFarland

  2. Praise God for a safe journey! Wish I could be with you! Take lots of good photos...