Monday, November 8, 2010

Winery tour

On Friday, eight members of the Pilgramage ventured to a different area of South Africa.  Our adventure led us to the Wine district of the Cape where we went to the Rust En Vrede winery in Stellenbosch. 
Rust En Vrede,which means "Rest and Content", has been around since 1694. Their original wine cellar is  now a National Landmark which houses their  restaurant.
We took a tour of the winery and enjoyed tastings  in a beautiful outdoor setting overlooking the garden and mountains.
Since it was getting close to lunch time we continued our adventure the small town, Franshhoek  where we had a lovely lunch at Solas  sitting outside in outdoor cafe.
 Time to go to the next winery who is  know n for their Pinotage. While on our way we stopped at the prison where Nelson Mandela was freed.
We rode to Paarl to the Fairview winery which has been around since 1693.  We enjoyed wine tastings along with cheese tastings to enhance the flavor of the wine.  Their winery had lovely gardens as well as goats in the front.yard.  The wine area is a one of beauty, with flowers, plants and many grape vines surrounded by mountains.   
As we rode back to Cape Town, we laughed and told silly stories.  We enjoyed the fellowship and our time together.
Judy Ramsey
Photos will arrive later.

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  1. I have to hand it to you. This group really knows "how to pilgrim!" No separating the secular from the sacred! My kind of people and pinotage for good measure! Tip a glass for those of us who stayed behind.